Yasmin and Regi

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Our Story

Welcome to our wedding website! We can't wait to celebrate our marriage with our closest family and friends on-hand to witness the most exciting day of our lives. First and foremost, thanks to all of you for your support, love, and laughs over the years. Those things mean more to us than anything else, and we are lucky to share that with each other.

So...how does a Persian / Irish girl meet an American-Haitian guy? Via technology of course! Well...sort of....

Yasmin graduated from UCD Smurfit with ambitions of taking on the world in her first big job out of school. She moved south to Cork in pursuit of a dream with nothing but €5 and an enthusiastic smile to begin working at Apple...

Meanwhile, Regi, fresh off of a never-ending round of goodbye parties was ready to start a new professional journey in Ireland, going on a 2 year assignment from Cupertino to Cork with Apple. He never expected for it to also be the biggest personal journey of his life as well!

The two met working together on the iPad team, but kept their distance for as long as fate would have it. After ignoring all the cautions of an inter-office romance from Eamon (see bridal party) and clearing it with the bosses, the two never looked back. After two years in Ireland, Regi moved back to San Francisco with Yasmin in tow and the rest is history...
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